Many patients who arrive at our Fountain Valley office with whiplash have an injury that is usually associated with an auto accident and results from the forced flexing the head and neck forward and backward against muscle and ligament resistance. This results in strain of the muscles and often sprain injuries to the ligaments followed by neck pain of the posterior and/or anterior neck muscles aka "whiplash." A whiplash injury can also include pain into the upper back and shoulders, dizziness, nausea, headaches, pain or tingling into the arms, energy loss, the head feeling heavy and even blurry vision.
Many of us have experienced at least a minor whiplash whether it was due to a car accident or other injuries like during sports, horseback riding or falls. When our bodies experience an injury to tissue it goes about repairing the damaged tissue and repairs the muscles and ligaments with scar tissue that is woven into the previous muscles or ligaments. In our patients we often see the results on x-rays of past whiplash injuries that healed improperly or in poor alignment. The body has great ability to adapt. After a whiplash injury the damaged or torn tissue will heal one way or another and most times these injuries heal improperly without the proper care. With a new whiplash injury, our attempt is get the spine to heal in the proper alignment with normal length and elasticity of the muscles so there is no permanent damage. In treating old whiplash injuries (longer than a year and up to 20 years or more) it takes time to allow the muscles and ligaments that healed shortened or improperly to stretch and adapt to a new alignment. While this usually takes longer, almost everyone notices some improvement if not full recovery when the healing powers of the body are turned on and the body is given time to repair.
Treatment for whiplash injuries includes one or more of the following: specific chiropractic spinal adjustments, neuromuscular re-educations, ice, heat, massage, instruction on stretching/strengthening exercises and home care recommendations.
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