Neck Pain


Patients often present to our Fountain Valley office with neck pain. Neck pain can result from a whiplash auto accident, from the stress and strain of hunching over a desk or computer, from old injuries that heal incorrectly and eventually get worse and worse -remember that car accident as a teenager? - or a myriad of other causes.
Neck pain can often lead to headaches, migraines, arm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other more insidious problems. Neck pains that are caused by muscle, ligament, joint and nerve problems are very common and require an approach that looks to the specific cause and alleviates its source as well as the symptoms.
Persistent neck pain (from weeks to years) is often due to a misalignment (subluxation) of the spinal vertebrae that protect the spinal cord and provide an exit for the spinal nerves that course through the body delivering the vital nerve impulses from the brain to all the cells and tissues. When a vertebra becomes misaligned, it may pinch the nerve or interfere with the nerve flow from the brain to the body thereby creating a state of "dis"- "ease" or dysfunction. This may or may not result in pain initially but does impact the body’s ability to function normally.
If your neck pain is due to a misaligned vertebra, our goal is to find it and correct it to prevent it from coming back over and over again. Treatment in our Chiropractic office for neck pain, as well as neck pain related conditions, usually consists of one or more of the following: specific spinal adjustments to realign the vertebrae (done by hand and/or with a low-force instrument), massage, ice or heat as indicated and instructions on home care such as stretching and strengthening exercises.
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