A Chiropractor is an experienced professional who works with the bones and nerves through a technique called spinal manipulation or adjustment. Misaligned vertebrae impinge on spinal nerves, which supply the body. Chiropractors are licensed doctors who specialize in attaining health and wellness through the use of adjustments to align the spine. The benefits of chiropractic care are pain relief, tissue healing, and optimal motion and function of the body. Chiropractic uses conservative care designed to promote health through proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, and postural awareness.
Chiropractic treatment includes spinal adjustment to improve alignment, manual therapy of the neck and electric stimulation with ice application. Recommendations may include: techniques to improve relaxation, nutritional counseling, neck stretches and postural advice as well as patient education in optimal position for the neck while sleeping.
Spinal manipulation is using the hands to apply force to the back to “adjust” the spine.