This is why we check babies for subluxations of the cervical spine.
THIS is why we adjust babies. Do you think that there might be some stress placed on the upper portion of the neck after this experience?
Dont Frack our Water Stark Chiropractic Fountain Valley
Fracking and farms cannot co-exist, as we’ve heard over and over from farmers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota, West Virginia and Colorado. Farmers whose lives and farms have been ruined by fracking’s methane emissions and toxic chemicals. As one farmer explained, “We depend on good water for our cows, our crops and our own health. Once you mess up your groundwater, you can’t fix it.” Take action and sign our petition: + read more
Most chemists maintain that molecule by molecule, synthetic vitamins are identical to natural whole food vitamins. The isolated factor of each may be chemically similar, however there are many cofactors and enzymes that occur in foods that make the nutrients work properly in our body that we have not yet even discovered. Man made synthetic supplements are a combination of the separate factors, never the complex of synergistic factors found in nature. The whole family of B, C, or E vitamins... + read more


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